Student Achievement Reports

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Student Achievement Reports

Student achievement is at the core of Clark Atlanta University’s evaluation of its academic and co-curricular effectiveness. 

The University regularly evaluates success with respect to student achievement aligned with its mission, “to transform the lives of students and their communities by preparing citizen leaders to be problem-solvers,”   and supported by the University’s priority goal one, “to attract an increased number and diversity of students who graduate at higher rates and are equipped to succeed in their careers. ”

Clark Atlanta University provides a comprehensive array of instructional programs and student support services to meet various educational and career goals and needs of its diverse student population as well as uses numerous assessment strategies for evaluating the success of their achievement.

The University sets student achievement goals and measures the success of students achieving those goals based on the following student success criteria. Benchmarks for criteria, along with student performance on each benchmark are part of the University’s Strategic Plan.

Student Success Measures