Program and Unit Review

Institutional Assessment

Academic Program Reviews

The review process is linked to the strategic academic planning, resource allocation, and decision-making by:

  • Improve the quality of the academic programs;
  • Provide information, data analysis, and evaluation that will identify program weaknesses and strengths, suggest areas for improvement, and make recommendations.
  • Promote and maintain high quality academic programs that are effective and are linked to the mission of the department and University; and
  • Assess the status and progress of the degree programs and educational practices and identify needs, priorities, and future directions.

  Academic Program Review

Administrative and Education Unit Reviews:

The purpose of the periodic review of Administrative and Educational Support (AES) Units is to ensure the continuous enhancement and improvement of the unit in support of the University’s missions of teaching, research, and public services. The AES Units’ periodic review helps to ensure the achievement of institutional planning goals  and objectives.

Each Unit or department is required to:

  • Periodically assess the quality and effectiveness of its performance in fulfilling its misson and goals,
  • Identify areas for improving processes and/or outcomes, and
  • Develop and implement a Plan of Action for improvement.

Administrative and Education Support Units