University Meetings and Events

University Meetings and Events


Clark Atlanta University extends a warm welcome and offers our pledge to make your time with us – online, or at one of our signature events- enjoyable, memorable, and worthy of this destination university. Our mission is to define and continually refine the world-class hospitality at CAU, and to extend that standard to all CAU events through educational opportunities, event-planning resources, and creative collaborations with CAU faculty, staff, and student event planners.


The Office of University Meetings and Events was founded in 2022 as part of the Business and Auxiliary Services division. The University Meetings and Events produces over 1400 events annually.
For more information, please call or email: 404-880-6936,

For information on Summer Camps and Conferences please visit the Summer Camps and Conferences Webpage.

University Meetings and Events

Phone: (404) 880-6936
Harness Hall, Room 101, James P. Brawley Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30314.
Event Services, Support, Facilities Request Forms

All events organized by CAU faculty and staff are categorized as Internal CAU Event. All University Organized Events must be registered/listed on the University’s Events Calendar at least 3 weeks prior to the actual date of the event.*

 Internal CAU Facilities Request Form

External events held on the CAU campus include businesses, government agencies, associations, partnerships, social events, and film screenings. 
CAU grants approval/permits on a very limited basis for commercial filming and photography on designated campus properties. 
Film Production Request Form: For Commercial Productions