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Clark Atlanta University is committed to meeting customer requirements, by producing quality documents that meet your expectations in a timely manner. 

Clark Atlanta University Print Shop provides convenient, cost-effective service solutions that are customized to the needs of our campus.  As part of our total service solution, we have document production sites that are staffed with skilled operators, high-speed copiers and advanced technologies to increase the productivity throughout our campus.

Whatever your document needs, we can customize a solution to fulfill your requirements when you need them, and how you need them, and in whatever quantities needed. The best part is that CAU provides these services conveniently on-site, improving your campus document production capabilities and reducing costs.


​The Panther Print & Mail Center provides affordable and convenient printing and copying services for students, faculty, staff and the community. 

We offer competitive pricing on presentation materials, posters, flyers, labels and booklets.  High speed black and white or color copies, large format printing and a range of finishing and binding options are available. 

Stay on campus and let us do the work for you! !

Electronic Job Submission


Student Mail Services:

The Panther Print & Mail Center also acts as the University's liaison with the United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express (FedEx), United Parcel Service (UPS), DHL, Inter-School Mail and other domestic and international couriers.  The CAU Panther Print & Mail Center processes all incoming mail and packages for students that reside on campus (Beckwith, Brawley, Holmes, Merner and Pfeiffer).  In addition to being a USPS liaison, we serve as a retail shipping location for FedEx, UPS, and USPS.  We are here to help you get your packages where they need to be.  A staff member will be happy to assist you with finding the best rates and packaging for your outgoing shipments.  The Panther Print & Mail Center is also a drop point for your pre-paid, outgoing FedEx, UPS and USPS packages.

Picking up packages and letter mail:

You will receive an e-mail notification when a package or letter mail arrives for you.

  • Once you receive a notification, simply visit the Panther Print & Mail Center, swipe your PAWCard at one of the kiosks located near the stairs.
  • Once you swipe your PAWCard our staff will be notified through our automated system and your package will be brought to you at the counter.
  • Proceed to the counter to sign for and retrieve your package or mail
  • Please have your PAWCard (CAU ID card) ready for verification.

Retail Mail Services

  • First Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • International Mail
  • Campus Mail drop off

 Shipping Services

  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • UPS

 Packing supplies

  • Envelopes
  • Padded mailers
  • Boxes

During the summer, First Class mail, USPS packages and magazines will be forwarded to your home address unless you let us know that you will be on campus.  If you will be on campus, we will put your mail in your box and scan it so that you will receive a notification email.

If you will be on study abroad or away from campus for other reasons during the academic year, please let us know.  We will forward your mail to your home address until you return to campus.

Mail is not forwarded during holiday or semester breaks.   Forwarding service is not available for packages shipped via FedEx and UPS.  They get be returned to the sender.

If you are graduating, transferring or withdrawing... magazines, first class mail and packages shipped via USPS will be forwarded to your home address for two (2) months.  Please note that Federal Express and UPS packages cannot be forwarded and will be returned to the sender if you are not on campus.

Six (6) weeks prior to permanently leaving CAU, you should notify all senders of a change of address.  Do not submit a change of address with USPS.

Departmental/Faculty/Staff Mail Services:

We process all outgoing departmental mail, inter-campus mail, business mail, personal mail and packages for CAU faculty and staff.

A CAU mail meter card is required for all outgoing departmental mail. Please include your department and office budget code to be charged. All metered mail should be delivered to the mail center by 3:00 p.m. to be considered for same-day service.  The United States Postal Service (Morris Brown Office) makes one scheduled pickup Monday - Friday at 3:30 p.m.

Visit our retail counter to purchase stamps or arrange for mailing letters or personal packages at competitive retail rates.

For additional information or questions please contact the following:  Tyrone McCray tmccray@cau.edu or Erica Staples estaples@cau.edu.