CCRTD Community Outreach

The Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development (CCRTD) focuses on reducing the burden of prostate cancer disparities through research, outreach, and education. In an effort to provide information on health disparities which disproportionately affects the African-American population, CCRTD established a community initiative as part of its research efforts. Prostate cancer has a devastating effect on the health of African-American men and therefore is of great concern. This disease is curable if detected early during tumor development and, therefore, regular screening of men after the age of 40 may reduce the mortality rate among African-American men.

It is our goal to become a national center dedicated for dissemination of information regarding prostate cancer to the community at-large and specifically to the African-American population. CCRTD community outreach/education core plans implements and co-sponsors several outreach initiatives aimed at educating African-American men in the metro-Atlanta area. Promoting prostate cancer awareness and annual testing for prostate cancer is emphasized through community health fairs, town hall meetings, and special presentations at community churches, print media, and electronic media including CAU-TV, WCLK Radio and other media outlets.