Annual Financial Literacy, Innovation, and Technology Conference

Charting New Paths and Shaping Lives

Daily Events

Day 1 – Battle of the Bands Sunday, April 21, 2024 3pm to 7pm

kickoff event sponsored by BnDorsedSports showcasing a round Battle of 9 High School Bands for a chance to win $1000 cash prize.  Special guest judges, emceed by CAU alum, Fly Guy DC. The event will consist of three rounds, Financial Literacy activations and games, complemented by food vendors, a live DJ, and local business vendors.

Day 1- FinCare Expo Monday, April 22, 2024 12pm to 4pm

Engage with 25 organizations and professionals across various industries, delving into the critical nexus of financial well-being, mental health, physical health, Tech and wealth. This inclusive approach involves incorporating powerful speakers, interactive workshops, and demonstrations from renowned entities such as Cash App, Support Black Colleges and My Fab Finance. By integrating students, staff, faculty and larger community in these dynamic sessions, we emphasize a holistic exploration of the critical connections between financial well-being, mental health, and overall wellness. This multifaceted strategy ensures a well-rounded and impactful experience that enhances financial literacy awareness within the community

Day 2- FinCare Fireside Chat/Speakers/Workshops Tuesday, April 23, 2024 10 am to 7pm

  1. A Bold Discussion on Embracing AI: A riveting dialogue with PNC Bank and esteemed industry partners as we explore the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence on the economy, education, health, and overall wellness. Uncover the keys to navigating the future with insight and foresight.
  2. Congresswoman Nikema Williams has an insightful discussion with FICO that is an impactful perspective on purposeful leadership aimed at addressing the wealth gap.
  3. Offer enriching educational workshops: Empower individuals through intentional actions, fostering a sophisticated understanding of fundamental principles driving sustained economic well-being. Facilitate a transformative journey toward long-term financial empowerment and success.

Workshop topics:

a. Financial Liberation: Mastering Debt Relief and Unlocking Student Loan Forgiveness

b. Digital Dollars: Monetizing Your Brand through Strategic Marketing & Social Media

c. Real Estate Riches: Navigating and Profiting from Smart Investments

d. Wealth in the Digital Age: Harnessing AI Tools in Film and Arts for Financial Empowerment

e. Chime host an up close and personal discussion with Grammy-Award winning artist T-Pain on his experiences with mismanaging money and his financial journey with a Pitch competition to follow where student get the chance to Pitch their plan on “Improving the Campus Community if they had $10,000”. To submit your idea and learn more about this opportunity, please follow the link below:

Day 3- FinCare Reality Run Wednesday, April 24, 2024 12 pm to 4pm (invitation only)

To offer engaging educational experiences and workshops tailored for local high schoolers, equipping them with essential life skills and college readiness for a strong foundation in financial literacy. This will be an interactive learning journey that prepares young minds for academic success and financial empowerment.

Day 4 – Financial Literacy IQ Battle “The FliQ” Friday, April 26, 2024 4pm to 7pm

Prepare for an engaging academic challenge focused on financial literacy! Teams representing their academic institutions will compete to showcase the best financial IQ, aiming to be recognized as the top school in demonstrating healthy wealth-building skills. This initiative seeks to advance financial education by providing participants with essential skills for building a secure financial future.  Esteemed judges will evaluate the competition, adding a layer of credibility and insight to the event. The goal is to revolutionize financial education and empower future leaders with comprehensive money management skills, ensuring their success in an ever-changing financial landscape.

This carefully designed competition aims to cultivate a generation equipped with effective money management abilities, fostering their long-term financial well-being. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey toward financial empowerment.  Additionally, the event will feature an announcement of The School of Business Investment Challenge winners, a full-course reception, scholarships, and Battle awards, enhancing the overall experience and opportunities for participants.”

Keynote Speakers

President George T. French, Jr, Ph.D


Congresswoman Nikema Williams

Opening Remarks
Leading the discussion with FICO on Closing the Wealth Gap

A Bold Discussion on Embracing AI

Tracee Smith

Fireside chat Moderator and VP, Community Development Officer, PNC Bank

Sooraya Williams

Program Manager, Digital Learning, YWCA of Greater Atlanta

Victor Gitau

AVP, Investment Advisor, PNC Private Bank

India Lockett MSN,BSN, RN

Senior Director, Kaiser Permanente

FliQ Battle Judges

Professor Gary Clement


Sylvia Jones

Vice President, Campus Program Manager, Wells Fargo

Shannon Ayers

Management and Program Analyst, Department of Labor

Courtney I.  Smith

Senior Vice President Community Development Mkt. Mgr., PNC BANK

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