Master in Business Administration (MBA) Programs

Master in Business Administration (MBA) Programs

School of Business

The CAU MBA programs invest in your future by offering flexible curricula and applied learning opportunities, career development, leading faculty, and a research institution’s resources. The MBA programs at CAU are renowned for their commitment to academic rigor, experiential learning, and fostering a diverse community of future leaders. 

The School of Business prides itself on offering dynamic and adaptable curricula that equip students with essential business skills and provides applied learning experiences. This unique approach ensures graduates are theoretically sound and adept at applying their knowledge in real-world scenarios. 

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The Full-time MBA

MBA Program

The Full-time MBA from Clark Atlanta University opens doors for students seeking professional careers in major corporations, focusing on finance, marketing, and supply chain.

Working Professional MBA

Working Professional
MBA Program

Working Professional MBA- Designed for working professionals, this practical, affordable program aligns with evolving job requirements for new MBAs.

Masters Degree Program Requirements

Full Time MBA

Full-Time MBA Program

  • 45-Hours Curriculum
  • Earn the degree in 24 months. 

Students may select from the following concentrations:

  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sports & Entertainment Management
  • Supply Chain Management

The School’s curriculum is designed around sequential coursework, providing an educational experience that prepares students for leadership challenges and responsibilities in the public and private sectors.


 1st Year – Fall Semester

  • CSB5210 – Marketing Management
  • CSB5709 – Managerial Communications & Leadership Development
  • CSB6510 – Statistical Analysis for Business & Economics
  • CSB6605 – Accounting for Decision-Making

1st Year – Spring Semester

  • CSB5410 – Financial Management
  • CSB5513 – Managerial Economics
  • CSB5710 – Organizational Behavior
  • CSB6512 – Operations & Supply Chain Management

2nd Year – Fall Semester

  • CSB5712 – Legal Social and Ethical Aspects of Business
  • CSB – Concentration Elective
  • CSB – Concentration Elective
  • CSB – Elective

2nd Year – Spring Semester

  • CSB6710 – Business Policy and Strategy
  • CSB5512 – Concentration Elective
  • CSB5710 – Elective

*Students must complete fifteen (15) credits of elective courses: Nine (9) credits in their area of concentration and six (6) credits in related disciplines.

Working Professional MBA Program

Working Professional MBA Program

  • 36-Hour Curriculum
  • Earn the degree in 18 months.

The Working Professional MBA program offered by the CAU provides a flexible and accessible opportunity to pursue higher education without compromising current commitments. The 18-month part-time structure, with Saturday in-person and online courses, caters to the schedules of working professionals, allowing them to balance career, family, and education effectively.


Period I  

  • CSB8610 (1.70 credit hours) – Managerial Accounting I
  • CSB8210 (1.70 credit hours) – Marketing Management I
  • CSB8510 (1.70 credit hours) – Statistical Analysis I
  • CSB8515 (1.50 credit hours) – Economic Analysis
  • CSB8711 (1.00 credit hours) – Executive Leadership I
  • CSB8720 (1.00 credit hours) – Communication Workshop
  • CSB8000 (0.40 credit hours) – IQQE

Period II

  • CSB8621 (1.30 credit hours) – Managerial Accounting II
  • CSB8420 (1.70 credit hours) – Financial Management I
  • CSB8721A (1.70 credit hours) – Organizational Behavior
  • CSB8520 (1.30 credit hours) – Statistical Analysis II
  • CSB8463 (1.00 credit hours) – Competitive Economics
  • CSB8740 (1.00 credit hours) – Managerial Communications I
  • CSB8721B (1.00 credit hours) – Executive Leadership II

Period III

  • CSB8230 (1.70 credit hours) – Consumer Behavior
  • CSB8413 (1.70 credit hours) – Financial Management II
  • CSB8535 (1.00 credit hours) – Global Economics
  • CSB8731 (1.30 credit hours) – Organizational Behavior
  • CSB8731B (1.00 credit hours) -Executive Leadership III
  • CSB8531 (2.00 credit hours) – Production and TQM

Period IV

  • CSB8800 (3.00 credit hours) – Business Policy
  • CSB8850 (3.00 credit hours) – Integrative Cap. Bus. Project
  • CSB8541 (1.00 credit hours) – Operations Management
  • CSB8745 (1.30 credit hours) – Business Legal Issues/ Ethics
  • CSB8752 (1.00 credit hours)- Managerial Communications II
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