Storage Scholars


Storage Scholars is the preferred moving, storage & shipping partner of Clark Atlanta University.


1. We Supply: We supply all the essentials to pack and safely store all your items.
2. We Pick Up: 
A fellow student will grab your things at a time that is convenient for you!
3. We Deliver: 
When you are ready to come back to campus, we will have your items delivered and waiting for you in your new home.



How Ship to School Works:


1. We Ship You Empty Boxes: We send a bundle of empty boxes along with tape
and prepaid return shipping labels to your home.
2. You Pack & Ship Back:
You pack your items in the boxes, seal them up, and
ship them back over to us over the summer months.
3. We Receive & Deliver:
Our team receives those packages, stores them, and
delivers them ready and waiting in your room when you arrive on campus.