Steps to Register

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission at Clark Atlanta University.
  2. Complete an application for Disability Services Program Eligibility and return it with sufficient documentation in the form of an evaluation completed by a qualified licensed professional such as a physician, psychologist, therapist, diagnostician or audiologist. *The evaluation can’t be more than 3 years from the date it was completed. Any evaluation more than 3 years will not be accepted by the Office of Counseling and Disability Services.
  3. Submit the completed application and evaluation/documentation to:

Clark Atlanta University
Office of Counseling and Disability Services
223 James P. Brawley Drive
Trevor Arnett Hall, Third Floor
Atlanta, GA 30314
Telephone: (404) 880-8044
Fax: (404) 880-8440

  1. During the intake appointment the assistant director of disability services reviews the application and supporting documents to certify eligibility for services, gather proper information from the student, and discuss reasonable accommodations and services.
  2. If eligible for reasonable accommodations, the OCADS office staff will make a second appointment with the student to discuss and review accommodations established for the student.
  3. Please allow 3 business days for Letters of Accommodations to be completed and issued to the student. 
  1. *The assistant director of disability services will not make a decision regarding eligibility for services until all required documentation and Disability Services Application has been received. Subsequently, Letters of Accommodations will not be provided to students in lieu of the required documentation.

Disability Services Application 2021