Faculty/Staff Contacts


Dr. Jenny L. Jones

Dean and Professor
Whitney M. Young Jr. School of Social Work 
Thayer Hall 215 

Clark Atlanta University
223 James P. Brawley Dr., S.W.
Atlanta GA 30311
P: 404-880-8549 | F: 404-880-8556
Email: jjones@cau.edu


Dr. Jenny L. Jones
Dean and Professor 
Thayer Hall 215
Telephone: (404)880-8549 / Email: jjones@cau.edu
Dr. Margaret S. E. Counts-Spriggs,
Associate Dean/ Associate Professor
Thayer Hall 214
Telephone: (404)880-8863 / Email: mspriggs@cau.edu 
Mrs. Diona Dallas
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Thayer Hall 213
Telephone: (404)880-6600 / Email: ddallas@cau.edu


Joanne Bassett
MSW Senior Staff Assistant 
Thayer Hall 219
Telephone: (404)880-8399 / Email: jbassett@cau.edu
Kimberly Kinchen
BSW/Ph.D. Senior Staff Assistant
Thayer Hall Receptionist Area
Telephone:(404)880-8506 / Email: kkinchen@cau.edu


Dr. Mustapha Alhassan
Associate Professor
Thayer Hall 231
Telephone: (404)880-6834 / Email: malhassan@cau.edu
Mary Curtis Ashong
Assistant Professor
Thayer Hall 224
Telephone: (404)880-8861 / Email: mashong@cau.edu
Dr. Shadonna Davis
Assistant Professor
Thayer Hall 240
Telephone: (404)880-8561 / Email: sdavis1@cau.edu
Dr. Kenya Jones
Associate Professor
Thayer Hall 122         
Telephone: (404)880-8093 /Email:  kjones1@cau.edu
Dr. Youseung Kim
Associate Professor
Thayer Hall 225    
Telephone: (404)880-8559 / Email:  ykim2@cau.edu
Dr. Ivis Renee King
Assistant Professor
Thayer Hall 317
Telephone: (404)880-8774 / Email: iking@cau.edu
Dr. Shonda Lawrence
BSW Program Director /Associate Professor
Thayer Hall 241
Telephone: (404)880-6732 / Email: slawrence@cau.edu  
Dr. Richard Lyle
Associate Professor
Thayer Hall 234
Telephone: (404)880-8006 / Email: rlyle@cau.edu
Dr. Eyitayo Onifade
Ph.D. Program Director/Associate Professor
Thayer Hall 239                                       
Telephone: (404)880-8091 / Email: eonifade@cau.edu
Cardia Richardson
BSW Field Coordinator / Lecturer
Thayer Hall 222
Telephone: (404)880-8791 / Email: crichardson@cau.edu
Dr. Joi Showell
MSW Program Director /Assistant Professor
Thayer Hall 232
Telephone: (404)880-6664 / Email: jshowell@cau.edu
Dr. William Thomas
Thayer Hall 217
Telephone: (404)880-6616 / Email: wthomas@cau.edu
Dr. Erika Walker-Cash
Thayer Hall 119
Telephone: (404)880-6667 / Email: ewalker-cash@cau.edu
Dr. Corinne Warrener
Associate Professor
Thayer Hall 230
Telephone: (404)880-8531 / Email: cwarrener@cau.edu
Dr. Gerry White
Assistant Professor 
Thayer Hall 318
Telephone: (404)880-6905 / Email: gwhite@cau.edu
Dr. Darrin Wright,
Director of Field Education /Associate Professor
Thayer Hall 226
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