Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

Tier I

Educational Leadership Tier I Admission Requirements

Tier I

Tier I focuses on Instructional Leadership and contains more coursework than clinical hours – prepares individuals to be assistant principals and those in central office positions that do not supervise principals;

GPA Requirement: 3.0

Minimum Degree Requirement: Minimum of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited program and an accredited college or university. To be used to satisfy degree requirements, evaluation of foreign educational transcripts must show degree earned that is the U.S. equivalency of degree required by the program.

Official Transcripts – Required

Three Letters of Recommendation are required. One from a school administrator; identify recommenders on your application.

Certification/Teaching Experience: All applicants must possess a valid, level 4 or higher, Professional, Advanced Professional, or Lead Professional teaching certificate, leadership certificate, service field certificate, or Life certificate and/or must be employed as a certified teacher for a minimum of 2 years, or other certified school positions, regional educational service agency, or department of education

Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership Assessment: Candidates enrolled in Tier I Educational Leadership programs must complete the Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership Assessment (380) prior to enrollment. 

Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership Assessment Website:

Please contact the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for additional information regarding State of Georgia Tier I certification requirements.

I. Strategic Leadership
CEDA 500 Introduction to Educational Administration & Supervision
CSED 500 Communication Skills Exam

II. Instructional Leadership
CEDA 510 Curriculum Planning for Educational Leaders

III. Organizational Leadership
CEDA 520 Educational Resource Management

IV. Political and Community Leadership
CEDA 530 School/Community Relations
CEDA 535 Education Policy and the Law
CEDF 550 History of Urban Education (or)
CEDF 553 Schooling and the Urban Community

II. Research & Evaluation
CEDA 590 Educational Test & Measurements
CEDA 599 Research for School Improvement

CEDA 560 Practicum for M.A.
CEDA 561 Practicum for M.A.