Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Leadership

The M.A. in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare equity-focused and transformative leaders for a variety of formal and informal leadership positions at the school level.  Candidates will be prepared for Tier 1 initial leadership positions that include P-12 school level assistant principals or the equivalent, or other staff who do not supervise principals. You will learn to lead PK-12 schools by engaging in critical educational praxis.  The 250 required hours of clinical practice are job-embedded and performance-based throughout the program, and are guided cooperatively by the university and the school/district partner via supervised field experience courses.   

NOTE: Graduates of this program are eligible to pursue Tier I educational leadership certification in the state of Georgia and principal’s licensure in the state of Indiana.   Program Advisors will meet with students each semester to review processes and options for earning professional licenses in the state in which they reside. Additionally, our designated CAU SOE Certification Officer will conduct workshops each semester related to state certification/licensure procedures and protocols.



Program Highlights  
Nationally- and state-recognized educational leaders are regular guest speakers throughout the program. This is a highly interactive program. Our instructors are current or former school/school district leaders with extensive experience as practitioners who employ engaging instructional techniques and strategies, including discussions, case studies, simulations, group projects, readings, and research projects. The Educational Leadership Student Association brings regularly speakers to campus who are nationally recognized educational leaders, offering candidates opportunities to learn from and network with the best in the field.




2 years

Note: Summer classes are offered each year (at a discounted rate), allowing candidates to complete their degrees in less than 2 years.   

Financial Aid   

Most students in this program receive assistance through loans and other forms of aid. Complete your FAFSA to be considered for these aid programs.  Students are also eligible for institutional aid, including graduate assistantships.     

Plan Program and Study (30 semester hours)  

  1. Strategic Leadership

CEDA 500 Introduction to Educational Administration & Supervision (3)

  1. Instructional Leadership

CEDA 510 Curriculum Planning for Educational Leaders (3) 

III. Organizational Leadership

CEDA 520 Educational Resource Management (3)

  1. Political and Community Leadership

CEDA 530 School/Community Relations (3)

CEDA 535 Education Policy and the Law (3)

CEDF 550 History of Urban Education  (3) or

CEDF 553 Schooling and the Urban Community (3)

  1. Research and Evaluation

CEDA 590 Educational Tests & Measurements (3) 

CEDA 599 Research for School Improvement (3)


CEDA 560 Practicum I (3)

CEDA 561 Practicum II (3) 

Note: SOE field experiences require that all SOE students are required to complete a background check prior to field placement in schools, human services/community agencies and any government setting.

Application Process

In addition to the admission requirements of the Graduate School, there are program specific
requirements, including the following:
1. Hold Tier I Educational Leadership entry certification or a grandfathered L or PL certificate in
Educational Leadership issued from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.
2. Have a minimum of a Master’s degree from a nationally or regionally accredited higher
education institution.
3. Be employed in a leadership position in a local education agency (LEA) as defined by the Georgia
Professional Standards Commission.
4. Submit three official letters of recommendation. One of the letters must be a recommendation
from the Superintendent or designee based on local district requirements.
5. 3.0 or better cumulative GPA on graduate work
6. Submit a passing score on the state-required Georgia Educator Ethics for Educational Leadership
Assessment (380). NOTE: Applicants having completed this entry requirement for Tier I certification
need not complete the assessment. A copy of a Certificate of Completion should be submitted with the
application packet.
7. Written partnership with school district confirming one or two Advanced Practicum site options
that will enable successful completion of the clinical experience, with approval from school leadership.
NOTE: 750 hours of clinical practice are required for program completion.

Upcoming Start Dates  

Fall Semester  
Apply by February 1  

Spring Semester   
Apply by November 1  

GRE not required