Exams, Forms and Handbooks

Communications Skills Examination

A written examination designed to assess students’ comprehension and vocabulary academic achievement. All graduate students must take the Communications Skills Examination if they are not exempt. Students are exempted if they score a 3.0 or higher on the Analytical area of the Graduate Records Examination (GRE). However, they must register for the examination. The examination is offered twice an academic year, the second Saturday in March and November. Moreover, the examination should be taken in the first semester of study. Contact your department for additional information.

Comprehensive Examination

A written comprehensive examination is required of every master’s degree candidate. The student must have completed all core courses and the required courses in the area of concentration. The written comprehensive examination is designed to test the candidate’s mastery of his/her major field and not simply the course material. That is, it is a tool to help synthesize and apply information gained throughout the program of study. Taking the Comprehensive Examination Students must complete an application in the Department of Counselor Education sit for the comprehensive exam. Comprehensive examinations are scheduled twice a year, once in April and once in November. Students are advised to take the examination as soon as possible after the completion of required course work. The comprehensive examination may be taken during the last semester in which the candidate for the degree is registered for the last three hours of credit.

Exit Interviews

The Department of Educational Leadership faculty advisor will meet with each prospective graduate at the end of their program of study.  All prospective graduates are required to participate in an exit interview during the final semester of their academic program.