Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership


The Education Specialist program is designed to provide advanced preparation in leadership at either or both the building level and the district level. Initial certification (NL-5) and current assignment to a district-approved leadership role are required a minimum of thirty (30) semester hours for completion and providesfor the application and synthesis of basic concepts fundamental to instructional leadership. The program requires a two semester supervised field-based residency. Upon successful completion of this program, and passing the GACE, one is prepared to apply for the PL-6 level certification.

Planned Program for Educational Specialist

I. Strategic Leadership
CEDA 600 Administration of the Urban School System
CEDA 601 Strategic Planning for Systemic Reform

II. Instructional Leadership
CEDA 610 Administration & Supervision of the Instructional Program
CEDA 612 Student Personnel Administration
CEDA 614 Staff Personnel Administration

III. Organizational Leadership
CEDA 620 Economics of Educational Equity

IV. Political and Community Leadership
CEDA 630 Community Educational Leadership
CEDF 654 Education & Urban Development

II. Research & Evaluation
CEDA 690 Systematic Educational Evaluation
CEDA 699 Research Methods in Organization

CEDA 660 Advanced Practicum
CEDA 661 Advanced Practicum