Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership

The following are the required courses: CORE COURSES (48 credits)

 CHED 600 Administration and Governance of Higher Education

CHED 610 History of American Higher Education

CHED 630 Strategic Planning

CHED 650 Student Affairs and Academic Services

CHED 660 Human Resources Administration

CHED 670 Higher Education Finance

CHED 680 Social Justice and Diversity in Higher Education

CHED 690 Program Assessment and Evaluation

CHED 700 Organizational Leadership and Theory

CHED 720 Higher Education Policy Development and Analysis

CHED 750 Law and Ethics in Higher Education

CHED 699 Research Methods in Organizations

CHED 790 Quantitative Research

CHED 795 Qualitative Research

CHED 995 Dissertation Research

CHED 995 Dissertation Research


COGNATE COURSES (Requires 12 total credits)

CHED 620 Community College Leadership and Practice

CHED 640 University Teaching and Learning, Theory and Practice

CHED 710 Managing Political Conflict in Higher Education

CHED 730 International Higher Education

CHED 740 Leading Change to Development & Empower Communities

CHED 760 Principles of College Student Recruitment and Retention

CHED 770 Faculty Issues in American Colleges and Universities

CHED 780 Student Development and Learning

CHED 791 Directed Research