Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Planned Program

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership 

Tier II 

Educational Leadership Tier II Admission Requirements 

The Tier II Doctor of Education program is designed to prepare education practitioners by engaging in the breadth and depth of theoretical and practical knowledge.  The program seeks to assist school leaders seeking advanced education to continue in formal leadership and decision-making roles across P-12 contexts.  



GPA Requirement: 3.0 

Minimum Degree Requirement: Minimum of a Master’s degree from an accredited program and an accredited college or university. To be used to satisfy degree requirements, evaluation of foreign educational transcripts must show degree earned that is the U.S. equivalency of degree required by the program. 

Official Transcripts – Required 

Three Letters of Recommendation are required. One from a school administrator; identify recommenders on your application. 

Certification/Teaching Experience: All applicants must possess a valid, Tier I entry level certificate or hold a Tier II certificate if that certificate is based on completion of an Educational Leadership program that led to a Georgia L or PL certificate.  Applicants must also serve in a leadership position at either the P-12 school or LUA level (or agency or organization equivalent to LUA level) that will enable the candidate to fully meet the program’s clinical requirements. Applicants must submit documentation that they hold a school leadership role or position, as defined by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.  For performance-based applicants, this must be verified by the appropriate designated school system representative (not the site principal). 

Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership Assessment: Candidates enrolled in Tier II Educational Leadership programs must complete the GACE Content Assessment.   
Website: GACE Home ( 
Please contact the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for additional information regarding State of Georgia Tier I certification requirements 

I. Strategic Leadership
CEDA 600 Administration of the Urban School System
CEDA 601 Strategic Planning for Systemic Reform
CEDA 709 Seminar in Strategic Leadership

II. Instructional Leadership
CEDA 610 Administration & Supervision of the Instructional Program
CEDA 612 Student Personnel Administration
CEDA 614 Staff Personnel Administration
CEDA 719 Seminar in Instructional Leadership

III. Organizational Leadership
CEDA 620 Economics of Educational Equity
CEDA 729 Seminar in Organizational Leadership

IV. Political and Community Leadership
CEDA 630 Community Educational Leadership
CEDA 730 Politics of Urban Education
CEDA 735 Educational Policy Analysis
CEDA 739 Seminar in Political/Community Leadership
CEDF 654 Education & Urban Community

II. Research & Evaluation
CEDA 690 Systematic Educational Evaluation
CEDA 699 Research Methods in Organization
CEDA 790 Quantitative Research
CEDA 795 Qualitative Research
CEDA 791 Directed Research (elective)
CEDA 995 Dissertation Research
CEDA 995 Dissertation Research

CEDA 660 Advanced Practicum
CEDA 661 Advanced Practicum