Teacher Certification

The State of Georgia is the agency that certifies teachers. All initial certification programs start with the attainment of a pre-service certificate. Certification for teaching in the state of Georgia currently requires passing scores on the GACE/Praxis I examination and passing scores in the appropriate field of the GACE/Praxis II examination, in addition to successful completion of program requirements. The State of Georgia determines passing scores for GACE/Praxis I and GACE/Praxis II and denotes exemptions for GACE/Praxis I. Because programs in the Department of Curriculum must be responsive to state certification requirements, students should contact the department to determine whether the state has made changes since the publication date of this catalog.

Licensure and Certification

For Non-degree Certification Students:
  • A 3.0 GPA
  • Pre-service certificate
  • All course work for certification is completed
  • Documentation of TCT/PRAXIS II/GACE II passing score
  • Internship application is completed
  • Submission of the EdTPA

Student enrolled in Graduate Degree Programs:
  • A 3.0 GPA
  • Pre-Service certificate 
  • Certification of all course work required for certification
  • Documentation of TCT/ PRAXIS II/GACE II content area passing score
  • Submission of the EdTPA

Non-degree Students working in a classroom on a provisional certificate:
  • A 3.0 GPA
  • A Pre-service certificate
  • All course work for certification is completed
  • Documentation of a Pre-service certificate and TCT/PRAXIS II/GACE II passing score
  • Completion of one year professional experience under supervision
  • Documentation indicating the staff person assigned as the site supervisor for the supervised experience

Students who are not admitted to any of the School of Education's programs may not register for internship with a social system or seek certification from Clark Atlanta University.