Post Baccalaureate in Early Childhood Education Planned Program

Major Courses

CEDC 262 Educational Technology
CEDC 360 Educational Measurement
CECE 415 Methods of Teaching Reading
CEDS 425 Introduction to Exceptional Education
CECE 426 Integrated Teaching of Elementary Science and Mathematics
CECE 452 Integrated Teaching of Language Arts and Social Studies
CEDC 501 Psychology of Early Childhood
CEDC 526 Curricular Integration of Creative Experiences for Young Children
CEDA 530 School/Community Relations OR CECE 498 Developing Family and Community Relationships

Field Experience

CECE 213 Practicum I
CECE 313 Practicum II
CECE 316 Practicum III

Clinical Practice

CEDC 595 Internship – Early Childhood
Precludes the candidate’s taking any other courses or working. Participation in a weekly seminar is required.

Candidates seeking teacher certification must pass or be exempt from all relevant examinations required for certification by the state of Georgia. The opportunity to participate in Field Experience and Clinical Practice and therefore to finish the program depends on the candidate’s ability to satisfy criminal background check requirements. Because programs in the Department of Curriculum must be responsive to state certification requirements, students should contact the department to receive a copy of the most recent approved program.