Master of Arts in Teaching Science Planned Program

Foundation Courses

CCPS 503 Human Growth and Development
CEDC 530 Foundations of Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogical Practices
CEDC 538 Trends, Issues and Approaches in Middle and Secondary Curriculum
CEDC 551 Research Design and Evaluation in Education
CEDC 553 Educational Research Practitioner’s Paper

Content Courses

CEDC 510 Earth Systems Science
CEDC 571 Physics for Grades 6 – 12
CEDC 572 Chemistry for Grades 6 – 12
CEDC 573 Biology for Grades 6 - 12 CEDC 567 Calculus for Grades 6 – 12
C___ ___ Any graduate level biology, physics, or chemistry course selected in consultation with the student’s advisor

Field Experience

CEDC 570 Science for Grades 6 – 12

Clinical Practice

CEDC 597 Internship – Grades 6-12 (560 field hours)

In addition to passing the Comprehensive Examination, candidates seeking teacher certification must pass or be exempt from all relevant examinations required for certification by the state of Georgia. The opportunity to participate in Field Experience and Clinical Practice and therefore to finish the program depends on the candidate’s ability to satisfy criminal background check requirements. Because programs in the Department of Curriculum must be responsive to state certification requirements, students should contact the department to receive a copy of the most recent approved program.