Master of Arts in Special Education General Curriculum Planned Program 

The primary objective of the Master of Arts degree in Special Education General Curriculum is to prepare future teachers to instruct children and youth with mild disabilities. An emphasis is placed on presenting best practices for integrating technology into the curriculum and developing specific teaching competencies for the continuum of educational placements. 

Degree Credit Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of thirty-six (36) credit hours. Students who do not currently possess a T-4 will be required to complete additional course work.

All candidates take the following courses:

CEDS 578 Behavior Management

CEDS 579 Psycho-Educational Evaluation for Teaching

CEDS 580 Psychology of Exceptional Education

CEDS 585 Developmental Problems in Speech and Language

CEDS 591 Nature and Needs of Students with Mild Disabilities

CEDS 592 Methods, Materials, and Curriculum for Students with Mild Disabilities

CEDS 605 Diagnosis Reading for Teaching Reading

CEDC 551 Research Design & Evaluation in Education or

CCPS 500 Basic Statistics or

CCPS 507 Research and Measurement or

CEDA 590 Educational Tests and Measurements

CSED 500 Communication Skills*

Field Experience Requirement:
 The following courses are to be taken during the last two semesters in program.

CEDS 593 Practicum for Special Education General Curriculum

CEDS 594 Internship for Special education General Curriculum

CEDS 606 Seminar for Prospective Special Education Teachers

: Candidates should take any two (2) of the following courses:

CEDS 576 Cultural Diversity

CEDS 600 Curriculum for Exceptional Education

CEDC 642 Career Development

CEDC 643 Counseling Families

CEDS 698 Legislative and Legal Aspects

Applicants who are interested in eligibility for teacher certification should contact the department chair for requirements. For example, candidates seeking certification must pass or be exempt from all relevant examinations required for certification by the State of Georgia.  *Required by the School of Education.