Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies Planned Program

General Education Core

CGED 100/101 First-Year Seminar I and II
CBIO 101 Biological Science
CSTA 101 Fundamentals of Speech
CPHY 102 or 104 Physical Science or Earth Science with Lab
CMAT 103/105 Algebra I and Pre-Calculus I
CPHI 105 Critical Thinking

or other course that satisfies the core religion/philosophy requirement
CSCJ 105 Culture and Society
or other course that satisfies the core social science requirement
CENG 105/106 English Composition I and II
CMUS 120 Music Appreciation
or other course that satisfies the core humanities requirement
CENG 201 World Literature I or CENG 202 World Literature II
CFL_ 201/202 Foreign Language Requirement
CHIS 211/212 U.S. History (preferred) OR CHIS 201/202 U.S., Africa and the World I and II
CEDC 262 Educational Technology
CPSY 301 Educational Psychology
CPED ___ Physical Education

Major Courses

CEDC 199 Pre-professional Seminar
(substitute an elective if exempt from GACE Basic Skills)
CECE 200 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
CMAT 206 Foundations of Math I
CEDF 211 Foundations of Education: Urban Reality
CECE 212 Pre-professional Lab
CPSY 218 Human Growth and Development
CECE 262 Educational Technology
CECE 300 Literacy in Early Childhood I
CPSY 301 Educational Psychology
CEDC 303 Human Relations
CEDC 305 Presentation Skills
CECE 307 Structure of Elementary Mathematics I
CECE 314 Creative Development
CBUS 330 Legal Aspects; or other law class suitable to the candidate’s career goals

CBUS 340 Principles of Management
CECE 404 ECE Curriculum Methods and Materials
CECE 405 Preschool Program Development
CEDC 408 Multicultural and Global Education
CHPE 413 Health Education Curriculum and Methods
CEDS 425 Introduction to Exceptional Education

Electives  Electives suitable to candidate’s career goal. The planned program of electives must be planned with and approved by an advisor. It will utilize courses from throughout the University.

CEDC 492 Cooperative Education Experience