Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education Planned Program

 General Education Core

CGED 100/101 First-Year Seminar I and II
CBIO 101 Biological Science
CSTA 101 Fundamentals of Speech
CPHY 102 or 104 Physical Science or Earth Science with Lab
CMAT 103/105 Algebra I and Pre-Calculus I
CPHI 105 Critical Thinking

or other course that satisfies the core religion/philosophy requirement
CSCJ 105 Culture and Society
or other course that satisfies the core social science requirement
CENG 105/106 English Composition I and II
CMUS 120 Music Appreciation
or other course that satisfies the core humanities requirement

CENG 201 World Literature I or CENG 202 World Literature II
CFL_ 201/202 Foreign Language Requirement
CHIS 211/212 U.S. History (preferred) OR CHIS 201/202 U.S., Africa and the World I and II
CEDC 262 Educational Technology
CPSY 301 Educational Psychology
CPED ___ Physical Education

Major Courses

CECE 200 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
CECE 206 Foundations of Mathematics I
CEDF 211 Foundations of Education: The Urban Reality
CEDC 262 Educational Technology (counts toward Core Requirement)
CECE 300 Literacy I
CPSY 301 Educational Psychology (counts toward Core Requirement)
CECE 302 Child Development: The Urban Learner
CEDC 360 Educational Measurement
CHPE 404 Methods of Teaching early Childhood Health and Physical Education
CECE 404 Early Childhood Curriculum and Methods
CEDC 408 Multicultural and Global Education
CECE 415 Methods of Teaching Reading
CEDS 425 Introduction to Exceptional Education
CECE 426 Integrated Teaching of Elementary Science and Mathematics
CECE 452 Integrated Teaching of Language Arts and Social Studies
CECE 498 Developing Family and Community Relationships

Field Experience

CECE 213 Practicum I
CECE 313 Practicum II
CECE 316 Practicum III

Clinical Practice

CECE 444 Pre-service Teaching – Early Childhood

Precludes the candidate’s taking any other courses or working. Participation in a weekly seminar is required.

Candidates seeking teacher certification must pass or be exempt from all relevant examinations required for certification by the state of Georgia. The opportunity to participate in Field Experience and Clinical Practice and therefore to finish the program depends on the candidate’s ability to satisfy criminal background check requirements. Because programs in the Department of Curriculum must be responsive to state certification requirements, students should contact the department to receive a copy of the most recent approved program.


Early Childhood Teacher Education Program (ECE)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Early Childhood Teacher Education
The Early Childhood Education Program, through the Curriculum Department, prepares instructional personnel to be certified to teach preschool to grade five (P-5). The goals of this program are to provide prospective teachers with:

  1. A broad background in the liberal arts, mathematics, and the natural and social sciences;
  1. Familiarity with the field of education and its variety of settings and possibilities;
  1. Opportunities to observe young children in educational settings and to interact effectively with them, using appropriate techniques;
  1. Understanding of development, curricula, instructional principles, theory, and research in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains of learning relative to the young child; Experience in using critical thinking skills to apply psychomotor, cognitive, and affective development principles of curricular and instructional practices;
  1. Practice in integrating the content, methodology, and instructional materials of mathematics, science, social studies, creative arts, and language arts, and
  1. Experience in planning, implementing, and evaluating the total educational program in diverse early childhood and primary grade settings from the perspective of a change agent for social justice.