Program Overview

The BioEd Program is a collaboration between two award winning CAU Departments – Biological Sciences and Curriculum and Instruction - to offer students an incredible career path. Students will earn a B.S. Degree in Biological Sciences Teacher Certification which is one of the most sought after Professions in Science that is in high demand now and for the future. This program has a two-pronged focus: to address historical inequities in the field of education, and to prepare students to become effective change agents in Biological Sciences who work to inspire and educate  P-12 learners. To function effectively in the contemporary world, students are prepared to use the cultural diversity of their students as an asset.


The mission of the BioEd Program is to produce effective change agents in Biological Sciences who work to inspire and educate P-12 learners.


The Departments of Biological Sciences and Curriculum and Instruction will, through the preparation of highly qualified candidates, advance academic achievement of students in Biology in diverse P-12 populations through impactful educational experiences, experiential learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, and the effective use of technology-driven pedagogy in global settings.

BioEd Entrance Criteria

  • Rising Sophomores in Biological Sciences
  • 3.00 GPA
  • Interview with BioEd Team
  • Pass GACE 1PAA OR SAT 1080 Score

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Degree Requirements

Summary of discipline and cognate courses

  1. Major courses & teacher certification (required): 64 credit hours
  2. Biology Major courses (required): 33 credit hours
  3. Teacher certification (required): 30 credit hours
  4. Major related courses (cognates): 24 credit hours
  5. General Education Requirements: Minimum 30 credit hours; maximum 36 credit hours
  6. General Education required credit hours: 35
  7. Credit hours of free electives: 0         
  8. Total Credit Hours 122 (Minimum, but due to specialized teacher competency, students may decide to take more than the 122 credit hours generally accepted for the BS; includes First Year Orientation (2 cr.)
  9. Take and pass the GACE Program Admission Assessments and the GACE Content exam

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For more information, contact:

School of Arts & Sciences
Biological Science Department
Dr. Joan Powell,
Dr. Paul Musey,

School of Education
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Dashiell-Mitchell,
Dr. Valerie Bennett,

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Course of Study

Freshman Year– 1st Semester 16 hrs.

CBIO 111 General Biology 1 Fall,  4 Credit Hours  

CCHE 111 General Chemistry 1        Fall, 4 Credit Hours               

CMAT 107 Pre-Calculus II    Fall, 4 Credit Hours               

CGED 100 First-Year Seminar 1       Fall, 1 Credit Hour                

CENG 105 English Composition I  Grammar  Fall, 3 Credit Hours           

Freshman Year Second Semester: 16 hrs.

CBIO 112 General Biology II            Spring, 4 Credit Hours          

CCHE 112 General Chemistry           Spring,4 Credit Hours

CMAT 113 Calculus   Spring,4 Credit Hours

CGED 101 First-Year Seminar II       Spring,1 Credit Hour

CENG 106 English Composition II –Writing & Research   Spring, 3 Credit Hours                                      

Sophomore Year 1st Semester 15 hrs.

CBIO 233 Microbiology & Microbial Genomics   Fall, 4 Credit Hours      

CCHE 231 Organic Chemistry 1        Fall, 4 Credit Hours   

CHUM 228/238 or CART 150; CMUS 120;             Fall, 3 Credit Hours   

CSCJ 215 Intro to Sociology or CSCJ 216 Intro to Anthropology; or CSCJ 218 Contemporary Social Problems  Fall, 3 Credit Hours                           

CBIO 499 Sp. Topics Biosciences Career Path    Fall, 1 Credit  Hour                                  

Sophomore Year - Second Semester: 17 hrs

CEDC 262 Educational Technology   Spring, 3 Credit Hours         

CCHE 232 Organic Chemistry II       Spring, 4 Credit Hours          

CEDE 211 Foundations of Education   Spring, 3 Credit Hours       

CENG 201/201 English Literature     Spring, 3 Credit Hours          

CCIS 253 Intro to Comp. Sim/Analysis         Spring, 4 Credit Hours                                             

Junior Year 1st Semester 15 hrs.

CBIO 375 Cell and Molecular Biology          Fall, 3 Credit Hours   

CPHY 111 General and Modern Physics I & Lab Fall, 4 Credit Hours       

CBIO 480/481/482 Biology Research/Internship (strong summer internship advisory) (3+1)   Fall, 4 Credit Hours

CBIO 331 Plant Biology & Physiology         Fall, 4 Credit Hours   

Junior Year Second Semester: 16 hrs.

CBIO 312 Genetics   Spring, 3 Credit Hours          

CPHY 112 General and Modem Physics II &Lab      Spring, 4 Credit Hours          

CBIO 390 Intro Biochemistry Spring, 3 Credit Hours          

CPSY 301 Educational Psychology   Spring, 3 Credit Hours          

CEDS 425 Introduction to Exceptional Education   Spring, 3 Credit Hours          

Senior Year - 1st Semester 15 hrs.

CBIO 478 - Cell Biology Lab (Methods in Biotechnology)              Fall, 3 Credit Hours   

CECE 316 Practicum: Observing and working with groups (3.0)     Fall, 3 Credit Hours               

CEDC 430 Methods of Teaching Science      Fall, 3 Credit Hours                                                   

CEDC 408 Multicultural & Global Education   Fall, 3 Credit Hours                                                           

CEDC 426 WE Methods of Science…High School Curriculum and Methods in Biology               Fall, 3 Credit Hours                            

Senior Year Second Semester: 12 hrs.

CECE 444 or Pre-Service Student Teaching/ Internship       Spring, 12 Credit Hours                               

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