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Marketing Undergraduate Program

School of Business Administration
223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30314
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As the vital link between the customer and the whole firm, marketing helps guide the whole firm, marketing helps guide the selection of goods and services produced, the establishment and maintenance of effective and efficient means of distribution, the pricing process, and the promotion process, which includes advertising and sales. The objective is to join sound concepts and marketplace realities so that students will have strong preparation for rewarding marketing positions and the capacity for advancement in marketing organizations.

The courses listed below meet the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration.


CBUS 335: Principles of Marketing.
3 credits

The Marketing process as applied by for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The course emphasizes the adoption of marketing philosophy in a global setting.

CBUS 336: Consumer Behavior.
3 credits

A study of the process that consumers utilize to evaluate, purchase, use and dispose of goods and services expected to satisfy their needs. The basic concepts and research procedures used to investigate pre- and post- purchase buyer behavior with emphasis on the impact of behavior factors on the decision-making process are examined. Prerequisite: CBUS 335.

    CBUS 422: International Marketing. 3 credits
    Analysis of the multinational process of planning and promotion of goods, ideas, and services worldwide. Special consideration of Third World economics is stressed. Prerequisite: CBUS 335.
CBUS 445: Marketing Research.
3 credits

The gathering, analysis, and presentation of information to guide marketing decisions. Includes research project design, use of information sources, and research report preparation. Prerequisites: CBUS 313 and CBUS 335.

CBUS 450: Marketing Management.
3 credits

Develops the environmental, managerial, and strategic planning aspects of marketing theory and practice. Experience in producing an actual marketing plan. Prerequisites: CBUS 313 and CBUS 335


* Two courses must be selected to complete a Marketing Concentration 
CBUS 411: Retailing.
3 credits

A study of the basic concepts and principles of retailing and its role in distribution in terms of administrative organization, site selection, buying, pricing, merchandising. promotions and current trends in retailing. Prerequisite: CBUS 335.

CBUS 421: Introduction to Professional Sales.
3 credits

A study of the theory and practice of professional sales with special emphasis on application of concepts in actual sales presentations. Prerequisite: CBUS 335.

CBUS 431: Principles of Advertising.
3 credits

Course is designed to introduce students to the field and practice of advertising with an emphasis on the pervasiveness of advertising in contemporary society. The student will develop knowledge of the business, creation and media placement of advertising, and will become acquainted with advertising management, strategies and processes. Prerequisite: CBUS 335.