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Supply Chain Management


The Department offers core courses in the areas of economics, quantitative methods, operations management and information systems for the MBA Program. The courses offered by the department emphasize relevant and useful instruction, research, and service. The curriculum focus is on applications of quantitative techniques and information technology for managers and small business entrepreneurs.

MBA Core Courses

CSB 5510: Introduction to Information Systems.

3 credits

Overview of information processing techniques and equipment and their impact on the organization; exposes software consideration and provides opportunity for learning a programming language.



CSB 5512: Macroeconomics.

2 credits

Focuses on aggregative economics, magnitudes of output, employment, investment, savings and money supply aspects of the economy.



CSB 5513: Microeconomics.

3 credits

Focuses on the decision processes of consumers and firms and examines their interaction in the marketplace



CSB 6510: Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics

(Same as CECO 600).

4 credits

Studies use and application of descriptive statistics, probability, statistical inference, analysis of  variance, simple regression, multiple regression and design of experiments'. 



CSB 6512: Production and Operations Management.

3 credits

Develop ability to recognize, analyze, and solve typical problems of production and operations in manufacturing and service sectors. Topics include forecasting, TQM, JIT, allocation of scarce resources, strategic capacity planning, facility location, facility layout, CPM, PERT, inventory control for independent demand; MRP, and supply chain management. Prerequisite: CSB 6510.



MBA Elective Courses

(Four courses required for Decision Sciences area of concentration in MBA Program. Open to other MBA students as electives.



CSB 6515: Systems Analysis and Design.

3 credits

The design and specification of computer-based management information systems; analysis of various systems evaluation techniques, examination of existing systems, new or modified designs, comparisons of software features and problems of computer security; emphasis on management usage of systems, including examination of overall organizational impact of system installation. Prerequisite: CSB 5510

CSB 6517: Computer Applications in Decision Sciences.

3 credits

Designed to introduce the students to theories and applications on optimization' and simulation as tools for solving business problems, using software packages which are widely used in industry. Prerequisite: CSB 6510.


CSB 6519: Database Management.

3 credits

Examines the basic features of data management, systems; definition and' overview, design considerations, data description and data manipulation, physical storage of a database, security and query languages. Prerequisite: CSB 5510.



CSB 6523: Business Forecasting Methods.

3 credits

Develops a conceptual framework of business forecasting methods. Students have hands-on experience with applications of a wide range of forecasting techniques to real-world business problems, using software packages



CSB 7500: Special Problems in Decision Science

3 credits

Prerequisite: permission of instructor