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Marketing Graduate Course Descriptions


The courses listed below fit in as indicated in the Master of Business Administration Program.

Graduate Course Description
  MBA Core Courses

CSB 5210: Marketing Management.

3 credits


From the perspective of the marketing manager, texts, readings, actual cases, and marketing-plan developments used by the student to approach problems of planning and competitive analysis, policies and strategies, decision making, and social responsibility in marketing. Producing an actual marketing plan.


CSB 6219: International Business.

2 credits


Survey course concerned with study of global business environments as they affect the competitive advantage of international companies. Students are exposed to the diversity and complexity of international business relations. The emphasis will be on providing tools necessary to evaluate and take advantage of international business opportunities-digitization, ethical, and environmental emphases.


MBA Elective Courses


CSB 6200: Marketing Strategy

3 credits


Case and literature studies employed to provide the basis for the understanding of marketing strategy, its implementation, and control functions. Preparation of a marketing plan is required; emphasis is on the application of controllable variables in marketing; (required for marketing concentration). Prerequisite: 5B 5210.


CSB 6210: Marketing Research and Information Systems.

3 credits


Behavioral sciences provide framework for understanding descriptive and analytical marketing research procedures. Basic orientation to use of statistical techniques and structure and uses of marketing information systems by business and industry included. Prerequisite: 5B 5210. Experience writing research paper using 5P55 to analyze database.


CSB 6211: Distributive Systems in Marketing.

3 credits


Examines the evolution, development, and dynamics of strategic distribution channel utilization and competition; logistical methods from product to consumer are included. Prerequisite: 5B 5210.


CSB 6212: Advertising and Promotion Management.

3 credits


Focus on building advertising campaigns in a global setting that reflect integration of advertising management philosophy and current industry trends. Development and execution of a comprehensive advertising campaign reflecting a comprehensive plan of personnel organization, creativity, media, research, budget; coordination is required. Prerequisite: 5B 5210.


CSB 6213: Consumer Behavior.

3 credits


Treatment of consumer buying behavior as a decision-making process involving perceptions, attitudes and behavioral characteristics; by understanding the buyer's environment, shows how marketing effort may influence and alter purchase behavior. Prerequisite: 5B 5210.


CSB 6214: Industrial Marketing.

3 credits


Study of activities specifically related to industrial and commercial goods and services, which supply a derived-demand market from a managerial perspective; forecasting, planning and strategy are included. Prerequisite: 5B 5210. Digitization, ethical, and environmental emphases.


CSB 6215: International Marketing.

3 credits


From the standpoint of international managers, texts, cases, and research papers used to present the international process of planning and executing marketing programs worldwide. International trade theories are critically examined. Digitization, ethical, and environmental emphases.


CSB 6216: Dynamic Cases in Marketing.

3 credits


Seminar employ current complex cases for analysis and integration of the various marketing functions. Prerequisite: 5B 5210.


CSB 6217: Sales Management.

3 credits


Covers recruiting, training, motivating, compensating and evaluating sales personnel; it reflects target marketing to territorial allocations, control functions, setting of personal sales targets, and feedback process. Prerequisite: 5B 5210.


CSB 6218: Brand and Product Management.

3 credits


Study of management of existing products and development of new ones; considers new product strategy, concept generation and screening, launch and post-launch controls, and abandonment. Prerequisite: 5B 5210.


CSB 7200: Special Problems in Marketing.

3 credits


Independent-study course requiring pragmatic research. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.