Course Policies and Procedures

Summer School

Summer School is coordinated by the Registrar’s Office.  Courses are listed in the Summer School Catalog.  Students may elect to take courses during the summer if they are off the scheduled track.  All 100 and 200 level courses, with permission of the department chair or advisor, may be taken at any Community College; 300 and 400 level courses may be taken at any four-year school subject to department approval.  An Application for Permission to Pursue Non-Standard Matriculation Form (Transient Form) may be picked up from the Registrar’s Office.  Students must have prior approval for Summer School or Transient Courses.  The student is responsible for securing the appropriate signatures before leaving for summer.  See Transient Form for necessary signatures of approval.

Transfer Students

All transfer students must be advised by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, located in Harkness Hall, Room 211. Students advised by the Office of Undergraduate Studies will receive a Transfer Credit Evaluation Form. Transfer forms identify equivalent courses for which the transfer student is given credit as substitutable or equivalent to CAU course requirements. The School of Business department chair or the Director of Undergraduate Services (Wright Hall Room #97) will determine which business courses are acceptable by the School of Business. Transfer students must complete a Declaration of Major form in order to be assigned an advisor.


Scholarship awards are distributed by the University through the Financial Aid Office.  The School of Business also awards scholarships to qualified candidates depending on the criteria that are requested by the sponsors. See your Department Chairperson or the Undergraduate Services Office.

Transient Status

A student enrolled at Clark Atlanta University may earn a maximum of 30 credit hours as a transient student enrolled at another college or university.  Transient approval is required prior to enrolling in a class(es) away from CAU.  Students seeking to enroll outside of CAU must see his/her advisor.