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Accounting is central to the management process. It helps managers make decisions and empowers them to fulfill their stewardship responsibility. The Accounting Department was formed when the School of Business Administration was established, and its history parallels the history of the School. read more

Decision Science

The Decision Sciences offers core courses in Quantitative Methods and Information Systems. The courses emphasize the use of analytical tools and information technology in solving business problems for manufacturing and service sectors. read more


The Department of Economics has as its mission an increase in the number of American and foreign students trained with an understanding of economic problems and solutions confronting the United States and developing nations. read more


The Finance curriculum at Clark Atlanta University is designed to provide students with tools required for careers in financial management in non-financial corporations, the financial services industry, and not-for-profit organizations. read more


Business Administration at Clark Atlanta University reaches back through several decades. The first A.B. degree in Business Administration was offered at the former Clark College in 1931, and a School of Business Administration was established at the former Atlanta University in 1946. read more


The Marketing Department offers relevant and useful instruction, research and service. As the vital link between customer and firm, marketing in an organization helps guide the selection of goods and services produced, the establishment and maintenance of effective and efficient means of distribution, the pricing process and promotional systems, which includes advertising and sales. read more