Student Activities


The Undergraduate Student Business Council (USBC) is the umbrella organization for all undergraduate clubs/organizations in the School of Business.  Each organization president sits on the Executive Board to coordinate activities, and civic and community service projects. The Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, International and Young Entrepreneurs business clubs are available for students to join. Upon declaring a major, students should contact the department chair or the Undergraduate Services Office (Wright Hall-Room 97) for further information about clubs or organizations.

The School of Business hosts a chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, an honor society for AACSB Accredited Business Programs. The mission of Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage and honor academic achievement and personal excellence in the study and practice of business, to foster an enduring commitment to the principles and values of honor and integrity, to encourage the pursuit of wisdom and earnestness, to support the advancements of business through and to encourage lifelong leaning. The top 7% of juniors and top 10% of seniors are inducted annually.


While the School of Business offers a rigorous academic program to challenge students, we strongly encourage every student to participate in at least one internship prior to graduation.  The internship experience allows students to gain practical knowledge and applications in his or her field.  It also gives students an opportunity to preview the many career paths available within the chosen disciplines and company.

Study Abroad 

Another dimension of the undergraduate experience is the option to participate in a study abroad program.  Some of our students have studied in France, Africa, Mexico, China, the Dominican Republic and the West Indies.  Such global exposure is consistent with our belief that all of our students must see the interconnection of world issues as they impact each of our daily lives.  The School of Business, in collaboration with the Department of Modern Foreign Languages, is eager to assist any student interested in participating in a study abroad program.  It is the desire of the University that all students, faculty and staff should be bilingual in order to meet the demands of a global society.   

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

Students attend and participate in conferences, organize seminars, perform community service projects such as bone marrow and blood drives, AIDS Walk, Big Brother/Big Sister activists, serve as mentors as well as assist professors in selected research projects.  Students also participate in industry excursions to meet corporate executives and receive up-close and personal perspectives.  Student clubs and organizations are an important component of the total undergraduate experience.  Alumni and corporate speakers also visit the campus to share their knowledge and experiences for aspiring career-minded students.