The CAU School of Business Administration’s 75th Anniversary provides a unique opportunity to highlight the School’s important role in the history of business. The School is one of the nation’s first historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to offer business education, and it boasts a unique dual heritage with roots that trace back to the earliest days of its founding institutions:

Atlanta University (1865) - The flagship of the world’s largest consortium of private Historically Black Institutions of Higher Education and the nation’s oldest predominantly African American graduate institution. The University began teaching Economics as early as 1897 and is the first HBCU to offer graduate work in business.



Clark College (1869)- Originally designated as Clark University, the institution is the first private four-year liberal arts college to serve a predominately African American student population. In 1883, Clark launched its nascent business college featuring elementary courses in bookkeeping, banking, commerce law, telegraphy, and more.


After decades of success, the two institutions consolidated to form Clark Atlanta University (CAU) in 1988, and one year later united their respective business programs into one School. 
Today, the CAU School of Business Administration (CAU-SBA) remains steadfast in its commitment to transform diverse learners into future-forward leaders who are changing the face and future of business.
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