International Business

Subject  CBUS 337, 3 credits 
Title  Introduction to International Business Mgmt
Description Study of domestic and foreign environmental factors affecting the international operations of United States business firms. The course stresses personal experiences and observations regarding leadership and helps students assess leadership qualities and style. Prerequisite CBUS 340.
Subject  CBUS 420, 3 credits 
Title  International Financial Management
Description Examines international capital movements and balance of payment problems.  Students analyze problems of international operations as they affect financial functions and review foreign and international institutions and the foreign exchange process.  The course aims at familiarizing students with the concepts of multinational financial management and financial decision-making in the international context.  Required course for students with a concentration in Finance and International Business.  Prerequisite: CBUS 341.
Subject  CBUS 422, 3 credits 
Title  International Marketing
Description Analysis of the multinational process of planning and promotion of goods, ideas, and services worldwide. Special consideration of Third World economics is stressed. Prerequisite: CBUS 335.
Option1 : 2 courses of Foreign Language (6 hrs), beyond the general foreign language requirements + 1 course from approved electives.
Option 2 : Any 3 courses from the following list of approved electives (9 hrs).
Subject  CBUS 471,  3 credits 
Title  Global Leadership
Description This course is designed to provide sound grounding in the area of leadership.  A solid foundation that explores the components of effective leadership and how effective leadership is exercised is offered. Given the impact that globalization has on organizations, it is also important to examine how globalization influences the evolution of leadership.  Leadership in the current business environment requires traditional skills and characteristics such as business and technical proficiency, leadership intelligence, and executive competence.   As a result of the changing business landscape, leaders must also be skilled at: 
  • understanding the global environment and its impact on organizations; 
  • understanding and embracing cultural diversity;
  • knowing how to develop and leverage partnerships and alliances;
  • effectively managing others who are responsible for accomplishing organizational goals. 
In essence, the course examines the approaches and challenges associated with leading employees and organizations in the contemporary global business environment.
Subject  CECO 324, 3 credits
Title  Economic Development
Description A study of the characteristics and problems of developed and developing economies. Covers the theory of economic development, stages of growth and development, and data analysis to evaluate development performance. Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better in CECO 251 and CECO 252. 
Subject  PSC 322, 3 credits
Title  International Relations
Description Analysis of basic concepts of international relations, including decision making, conflict, deterrence, interdependence, coercive diplomacy, and international systems.  Special attention is given to World War I, and inter, way years, the Cold War, international economic issues, and Chinese, American relations.
Subject  CECO 335, 3credits  
Title  International Trade
Description Application of microeconomic policy to commercial relations between nations. Among the topics covered are the theory of comparative advantage and alternative commercial policies. Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better in CECO 251 and CECO 252. 
Two Foregin Language (6 Hours)
Modern Foreign Language
Modern Foreign Language