Master of Economics

The mission of the Department of Economics is to increase the number of American and international students trained with an understanding of economic problems and solutions confronting the United States and developing nations. Special attention is devoted to problems of and solutions to the underprivileged, African-Americans and developing nations.

The Master of Arts degree in Economics offers the opportunity to engage in study of contemporary economic issues. The curriculum also provides an innovative approach to the study of orthodox theories.

Provisions are made to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of urban affairs and economic development, not only from the traditional point of view, but also from that of minority people and developing countries. The program is designed to be of interest to students who are attuned to current problems of American and world economies, and who wish to pursue a graduate of study in economics that is current, meaningful, and fulfilling.

Requirements for Graduation

Students pursuing the MA degree are required to take the core courses listed below. In addition, students must complete three courses (with thesis) or five courses (with no thesis). These courses must be approved by the student’s advisor(s).

Required Core Curriculum (Courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.)      

  • CECO 500 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory   

  • CECO 501 Advanced Microeconomic Theory   

  • CECO 550 Mathematical Analysis for Economists I   

  • CECO 570 Research Methodology   

  • CECO 601 Econometrics I   

  • CECO 602 Econometrics II

Suggested Plan of Study

First Semester: 9 Hours                            

  • CECO 500 - Advanced Macroeconomics   
  • CECO 550 - Mathematical Analysis 
  • CECO 601 - Econometrics I  

Second Semester: 9 Hours      

  • CECO 501 - Advanced Microeconomics 
  • CECO 602 - Econometrics II
  • One (1) Course (from area course)

Third Semester: 9 Hours

CECO 570 - Research Methodology       

Fourth Semester: 9 Hours

Thesis Research and Consultation (CECO 801 and 805); two approved courses, and preparation for comprehensive examination. Must be approved by the student’s advisor.                     
 Degree Requirements:

  • An approved sequence of courses that comprise at least 27 hours    
  • 18 hours of core requirements (with a grade of "B" or better)
  • 9 or 15 hours of additional course work      
  • A thesis and an oral examination on the selected thesis. 6 credit hours are awarded upon completion of the thesis; or A comprehensive examination after completing an additional six 6 credit hours in lieu of the thesis and thesis examination. Students are given two chances to pass the comprehensive examination
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Students who earn less than a 3.0 GPA by the end of the first semester are placed on probation during their second semester. If by the end of the second semester students fail to have a 3.0 or higher GPA, they are dismissed from the Program. However, they may petition the Department for readmission
  • Students enrolled in the Department for more than four years may be asked to take a theory proficiency examination in economics (macro- and micro-) and statistics. Depending on performance, they may be asked to retake one or more courses       
Program information
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