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In addition to the University's general admission requirements for graduate programs, the specific requirements for admission to the Master of Arts in Accounting include the following:

  1. Applicant must have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  2. An acceptable score on the GMAT or GRE is required. The GMAT/GRE is waived for applicants with a minimum GPA of 3.25.
  3. Admission in the Summer semester for students without an acceptable undergraduate degree in accounting. Admission in the fall and spring semesters for applicants with an undergraduate degree in accounting.
  4. Admits both students who have an undergraduate accounting degree and those who do not (including those without undergraduate business degrees)

 Admissions Requirements 

  • Apply online, and the application fee is waived.  
  • Submit an official transcript from every college and university attended. CAU requires official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions you have attended. Official transcripts are mailed directly or uploaded from each college or university attended. The Committee will review the overall GPA as well as the GPA in major when making a decision.  
  • The GMAT or GRE score will be considered. Submit an official GMAT or GRE Report of Scores from the official testing agency. The GMAT/GRE is waived for applicants with a minimum GPA of 3.25. Test scores over five years are not acceptable. NOTE: CAU/CAU School of Business' GMAT code is 5110, and GRE code is 5110 
  • Letter of Intent: Applicants should provide a Letter of Intent that describes the uniqueness of his/her character, abilities, issues of diversity, academic history, community service activities, and professional experience. Additionally, the statement should discuss the applicant's interest in the Clark Atlanta University School of Business Administration Master of Arts in Accounting program (CAUSBA MAAC) and how completing the CAUSBA MAAC will facilitate realizing his/her dreams and aspirations. 
  •  Letters of Recommendation: Two (2) "Letters of Recommendation" that address a candidate's intellectual and personal capabilities. Topics should cover personal integrity, ability to work with others; leadership qualities; oral and written communication skills; and community involvement. Letters should be completed by a supervisor, a member of academia, and someone who can attest to these capabilities. International applicants must have a minimum of 5 IELTS or 46 TOEFL scores to be admitted to the graduate program unless they have an undergraduate degree from a U.S. college or university (in which case the above criteria would apply).  
  • Submit a current resume. 
  • An interview may be requested for selected applicants.  
Application Deadline CAU reviews application on a rolling basis.  The deadlines below are intended to serve as benchmarks. Due to our rolling admissions process, we encourage you to apply as early as possible.
Domestic Students International Students 
  • November 1st – Priority deadline
  • February 4th  - 2nd Priority deadline
  • June 30th – Final Deadline
  • April 1st  – International Applicant deadline
  • June 30th – Final Deadline
Program information
Cheryl Jester-George, Ed.D.
Director of Graduate and MBA Program
School of Business Administration
Wright Young Hall
223 James P. Brawley Dr. S.W
Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: 404-880-6044
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