Graduate Program

Aims and Objectives of the Graduate Program

Aim:  To increase the number of students in our doctoral granting programs (biology and chemistry) who successfully complete requirements for the Ph.D. Degree.

Objective: To recruit graduate students and implement a formal mentoring program in the biomedical sciences.

Aim: To increase the number of publications and doctoral fellowship proposals submitted by students pursuing the Ph.D. degree.

Objective: To continue to provide high quality research experiences and provide support activities to improve scientific writing skills.

Aim: To increase the number of degree recipients who enter into post-doctoral training or biomedical positions in the private, government or academic sectors.

Objective: To require graduate student participation in academic and career development activities that will be offered during the grant period. Topics in Biomedical Research and Careers will be integrated into our existing seminar classes offered once a year.


  • Have been accepted into the graduate program at Clark Atlanta University in either the department of Biological Sciences or Chemistry.

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (overall and in the sciences) from the B.S. degree-awarding institution.

  • Provide a written statement expressing interest in a biomedical research career.

  • Provide two strong letters of recommendation from former college instructors in the sciences.

  • Must agree to abide by publication / presentation requirements:

    • Publication requirement - Student and mentor must agree to submit at least one manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal from student's dissertation research prior to student's graduation.

    • Presentation requirement - Student and mentor must agree that the student will present research results at at least one major conference in the research interest field prior to the student's graduation.

  • Must agree to apply for individual predoctoral fellowship.

  • U.S. Citizen or Resident Alien.