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Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society


 Pi Alpha Alpha is the Global Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration. The purpose of Pi Alpha Alpha is to encourage and recognize outstanding scholarship and accomplishment in public affairs and administration. Its objectives, such as fostering integrity, professionalism, and effective performance, promote the advancement of quality in the education and practice of the art and science of public affairs and administration. PAA membership identifies those with the highest performance levels in educational programs preparing them for public service careers. To eligible graduate students must achieve and maintain a 3.7/4.0 GPA and have completed 50% of their public administration, public policy or sub-degree coursework. Pi Alpha Alpha inductions occur during the PASA banquet in April.

Public Administration Student Association (PASA):


The Public Administration Student Association (PASA) was created within the Public Administration Department at Clark Atlanta University in 1978. Since then, we have been involved in numerous community service activities, which have allowed us to increase our skills in helping those who are less fortunate. PASA  provides students with a stimulating educational environment which fosters intellectual, social, and cultural curiosity as a foundation for developing creative alternative solutions to public sector problems, and enhances their professional development through development programs and linkages with public organizations at the federal, state, and local levels.  One of PASA’s goals is to support the education of students in areas of public affairs/ administration and to prepare them for effective public management careers. PASA organizes activities that offer an enabling environment for students to succeed in the program.  Such activities include participation in the annual AIDS Walk Atlanta, Feeding the Homeless, Fall/Spring Cocoons, MLK Day Walk, PASA annual banquet, and mentoring. 

Public Administration Alumni Network Affiliate (PAANA)


The Public Administration Alumni Network Affiliate (PAANA) is an affiliate of Clark Atlanta University’s Alumni Association (CAUAA). The PAANA’s mission is to engage MPA students, advocate for CAU alumni, and invest in the Public Administration Department through the Dr. James T. Jones Scholarship Fund and other contributions. The PAANA will accomplish this mission through the following objectives:

  • To promote, create, maintain, and instill in the alumni a sense of personal commitment to ideals, civic involvement, traditions, and principles of the CAUAA – PAANA, the Public Administration Department and the University;
  • To develop and implement programs that enhances the image of CAUAA – PAANA and supports the missions of the Public Administration Department and the University;
  • To engage current students in the Public Administration Department through internships, mentorship, and activities that support student development throughout matriculation and beyond;
  • To advocate for the Public Administration Department through recruitment of students;
  • To invest financially and seek ongoing support for the Public Administration Department and the University; and
  • To promote a network among alumni of the Public Administration Department to assist one another in professional, economic, and social development.


The PAANA general membership meetings are held three times per year (i.e., April before the PASA banquet, October during homecoming week, and December). All MPA alumni are encouraged to join. Membership and other information is available via the PAANA website @


Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society 

Eligible Social Science students from CAU (undergrad and graduate students) with a GPA of 3.00 or better qualify for membership. Dr. Henry Elonge supervises the CAU Chapter. Membership drives occur each spring semester. 

Membership in a certified, credible honor society like Pi Gamma Mu provides prospective employers with instant verification of exemplary performance and achievement, distinguishing members from competing job applicants at a glance. In fact, the US Government's Office of Personnel Management (OPM) offers incoming federal employees a two level pay grade increase for "Superior Academic Achievement" which can be obtained through membership in Pi Gamma Mu.