Political Science Reading Room

The Political Science-Social Science Reading Room (PSC-SSRR), an on-line resource that is designed to serve as an academic support system for distance learning and research for students and faculty of the Department of Political Science. PSC-SSRR is a moderated online community, and an electronic learning forum where members and subscribers can explore a range of  internet resources related to the discipline of political science and the practice of social science research methods. Members have access to course-related files and information on trends and developments within Clark Atlanta University's Department of Political Science.

Resources include:
  • On-line Bookstores
  • General Reference Library
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Strategic Learning & Development
  • Department Mimeographs & Advisement Files
  • Political Science Resources

Ujamaa Society

The Ujamaa Society was formed at Atlanta University in 1971 as a body to serve the needs of political science students. After the formation of Clark Atlanta University in 1988, the Society's charter was amended allowing a unification of graduate and undergraduate students into a single body. The purpose of the Ujamaa Society is to create and promote friendship, cooperation, and a spirit of communalism and common purpose among and between the students, faculty, and staff of the department.

The Ujamaa Society:

  • provides an administrative apparatus to facilitate input of students and the dissemination of crucial information within the Department
  • promotes a sense of community among present, past and future Society members
  • provides a spiritual sanctuary for African and Third-World liberation

Ujamaa organizes academic and social functions and is supported by member resources.


The Political Science Department Graduate Seminar is a department tradition, bringing together faculty, students, and invited speakers in a required regular meeting to exchange ideas and understandings about political theory, praxis and contemporary issues. Topics covered have ranged from gentrification in Atlanta to contemporary slavery in Mauritania (presented by anti-slavery activist Boubacar Messaoud).

For a full schedule of seminar topics please contact the department.