Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Humanities Program

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Humanities is an interdisciplinary, terminal degree program.

This program allows graduate students the opportunity to have primary concentrations in a variety of disciplines: African American Studies, Africana Women's Studies, English, and History. The program also allows secondary concentrations in Public Administration and Political Science.

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Humanities program is dedicated to promoting the core values of the University and is also dedicated to the values of consilience (bringing together principles of various disciplines) for the purpose of enhancing the study of humanities.

The primary objective of this degree program is to offer graduate students an interdisciplinary course of study that provides opportunities to study and research in the fields of literature, the history and cultures of Africans, African Americans and people of African descent throughout the African Diaspora. Such an undertaking will foster visionary, informed, culturally sensitive and socially responsible scholarship.


Careers in Humanities

 The program aims to enrich students’ learning experience and to expand their professional expertise.

 Careers in the Humanities include positions in:

  • Higher Education 
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Public Service
  • Law
  • Museums
  • Non-Profits

Academic Programs

The Ph.D. in Humanities curriculum provides two tracks: (1) Humanities with a single-subject concentration; (2) Humanities with a double-subject concentration. Both tracks permit students to select a preferred program of study that supports their individual career goals.

Candidates for the Ph.D. in Humanities degree must complete a minimum of seventy-two (72) semester hours. The Humanities Program requires the successful completion of course work, passing of comprehensive examinations, and defending of doctoral dissertation.

The program of study comprises the Interdisciplinary Humanities Core Requirements and the following Concentrations:

  • African American Studies
  • Africana Women's Studies
  • English
  • History

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