-Jayme N. Canty, Ph.D. ‘17 -Africana Women’s Studies & Political Science

Visiting iCubed ScholarDepartment of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies

Virginia Commonwealth University


“The Ph.D. program at CAU pushed me to be a true intersectional scholar. The faculty challenged me to look at one   problem from several perspectives to find a solution to any problem plaguing marginalized communities. This practice provided me the tools needed to be an Intersectional thinker, allowing me to use my research interest to contribute to several fields of study.

This program has also taught me the tradition of scholar activism. The program not only gives you a doctorate degree, but it also gives you a sense of cultural pride and a standard of black excellence that only a doctoral program at a HBCU can provide and I always bring that tradition of scholar activism, black excellence, and cultural pride with me.”


-Ebony L. Perro, Ph.D. ‘19 -Africana Women’s Studies

Professor of Practice

Department of English

Tulane University



“CAU’s Humanities Program exposed me to new bodies of scholarship and afforded me the tools to do interdisciplinary work. The program’s host of professors from various fields reinforced the value of Humanities research. Faculty Members fostered an environment that nurtured my research and compelled me to think about its functions outside of academia. Beyond the classroom, the spirit of scholar-activism that underlines the program, reignited my passion for community work. The program made me a better scholar, educator, and person, overall.”


-Marcus T. Haynes, ‘21

English & African American Studies




“I decided to attend CAU for grad school after I sat in on one of the classes. After just an hour or so I knew that this was the place I wanted to end my educational journey. I went to an HBCU for undergrad so I knew what to expect, but being able to have my research interests validated and be taught about English, African American Studies, and the larger Humanities was more than worth it all.  I’m glad I chose CAU and you will be too.”



-Donielle E. Pace ‘23

Africana Women’s Studies



“Coming from a PWI, I will say that CAU has opened my eyes to what’s been missing in my academic career. I feel like my academia journey has just begun. This program and its professors are pushing me to become an active scholar in the field, not just a student who leaves with a piece of paper and an extra title to my name.”