Fashion Internships

Information for Internship Students

Course Credit Fashion Internships (CFAS 480 Internship)

The department requires students to complete a minimum of one fashion-related 3-credit internship as part of an overall educational experience. Internships create unique opportunities for intellectual and career growth. It also affords students the chance to enhance their resumes and further develop their portfolios or expand their professional network. Students are also able to apply techniques and content covered in the classroom in a real-life setting.

Fashion Internship Requirements:

  • Must submit an Internship Approval Form before the deadline
  • Must complete at least 150 internship hours for a 3-credit internship*
  • Must complete one internship for course credit (i.e. you may not combine multiple internships for course credit)
  • You may not earn more than a total of 9 credit hours in course credit with your internships
  • Internships must be completed during the enrollment period for course credit (i.e. course credit cannot be earned for retroactive or future internships). However, you may complete a summer internship for enrollment and course credit the following Fall semester**

*Students must complete at least 300 internship hours for a 6-credit internship

**Internship Approval Forms must be completed, signed and dated by Internship Supervisors at the beginning of the internship period

Examples of permissible fashion-related internships include those that involve:

  • Fashion/apparel product design and development
  • Fashion CAD/technical design and fashion production/manufacturing
  • Fashion illustration
  • Patternmaking
  • Costume design, tailoring, alternations and light apparel construction, sample making
  • Retail: Apparel, accessories, footwear, beauty/cosmetics, fabric, craft/art supplies (including pop-up shops)
  • Merchandise buying and planning, merchandising
  • Fashion wholesale (e.g. Apparel Mart, tradeshows and industry markets)
  • Fashion styling and image consultation
  • Hairstyling and make-up services
  • Trend forecasting and trend presentation
  • Editorial: Fashion and lifestyle magazines (print or digital) or other fashion publications
  • Museums/galleries: Exhibitions, events, curation and archival work/research
  • Marketing, branding, graphic design
  • Social media, PR/press, blogs, online content development
  • Events planning, fashion/hair shows
  • Modeling agencies and fit modeling
  • Photography studios, fashion photography
  • Media: Film/TV, advertising, radio, music 

Internships that are not permitted:

  • Internships with immediate family or relatives as Internship Supervisors
  • Internships with current CAU students as Internship Supervisors
  • Internships with yourself (as a freelancer etc.) and/or your own business (in any capacity)
  • Internships with unrelated internal institutional offices or departments such as OITC, Financial Aid, Student Services etc.
  • Work done as part of the Work Study program
  • Non-related retail: Grocery, office supplies, pharmacies etc.
  • Other internships that do not fit the criteria outlined under “permissible fashion-related internships” above. 

You may contact the Internship Coordinator if you have additional questions about the nature of an internship.

Steps for participating in the CFAS 480 Internship course:

  1. Review the criteria above regarding permissible and non-permissible internships
  2. Review the “Guidelines for Interns” Guidelines for Interns
  3. Secure an internship
  4. Enroll in the CFAS 480 Internship course via BannerWeb – please ensure you select the correct number of credits (3 credits is the default on BannerWeb)
  5. Complete an Internship Approval Form – this must also be completed, signed and dated by your Internship Supervisor in the designated area Internship Approval Form
  6. Attend the first day of class for additional information, a course syllabus and the Q & A session

Please note that all forms for previous semesters are now void. Only forms for current or applicable semesters will be deemed valid. Current forms will also be available via Canvas.

Information for Internship Supervisors

Guidelines for Internship Supervisors

If you are interested in recruiting student talent for internships please review the Guidelines for Internship Supervisors.

Responsibilities for Internship Supervisors:

  1. Please review the list of permissible fashion-related internships in the section titled "Information for Internship Students" to ensure your internship opportunity matches our fashion internship requirements.
  2. Review the “Guidelines for Internship Supervisors” Guidelines for Internship Supervisors
  3. Complete an Internship Approval Form (i.e. the portion designated for the Internship Supervisor). Upon completion, please send it directly to the Intern for submission. This form is required for all internships completed for CFAS 480 course credit and must be submitted by the student before the applicable due date. In most cases, the Intern will complete his/her portion before sending you the form for completion. Please make sure to include your contact information and sign and date the form. Internship Approval Form
  4. Provide fair, accurate assessment of the Intern’s performance by completing a midterm and final evaluation
  5. IMPORTANT: Must provide an email address with a business domain (e.g. [email]@[] or email address that is visible on the establishment’s website and/or social media – please ensure regular and uninterrupted access to this account during the duration of the internship
  6. Should communicate any changes/updates (including changes to your contact information) via the email address provided (which meets the criteria above) to help maintain the security and privacy of our students. 

Thank you for your interest in our students and the Fashion program. We look forward to a possible internship partnership with you and your establishment.