Chemical Hygiene Committee

The Chemical Hygiene Committee (CHC) serves as the primary resource for development and review of laboratory chemical safety policies and procedures. The committee provides peer review of all laboratory safety audits, trainings, investigations, and other chemical safety related actions as deemed necessary. The CHC consists of one representative from the following departments: Research and Sponsored Programs, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, The Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development (CCRTD), Facilities Management and The Compliance Office. The University Director of Emergency Management, the Laboratory Safety Manager and the Chairs of Chemistry and Biology departments are de jure members of the committee.

Current members of CAU’s Chemical Hygiene Committee are:




Laboratory Safety Manager

K. Emmanuel Fangman x6974

Research and Sponsored Programs Representative

Carol Johnson x6992

Director of Emergency Management, Chief of Police

Chief Debra Williams x6412

Chair of Chemistry Department

Dr. Conrad Ingram x6898

Chair of Biology Department

Dr. Joann Powell x6794

Physics Department Representative

Terry Harrington X8400

Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development (CCRTD) Representative

Tony Griffin x6826

Compliance Office Representative

Dr. Gayle Watts x6643

Director of Facilities

Morry Alls x6670

Researcher or Admin from Chemistry Department

Dr. Ishrat Khan x6847

Researcher or Admin from Biology Department

Dr. Akm Hussain x8941