Research Development (Pre-Award)

Research Development


Our mission is to advance CAU faculty research by facilitating access to extramural funding – contracts, grants, and awards. The environment in which faculty seek research support has never been at once so diverse and so competitive. At RD we work to make sure that faculty have available all the tools for success – from funding source information, proposal review, and writing workshops – to mock panel reviews and site visit preparation for strategic Campus initiatives. By anticipating recurring solicitations, we alert faculty to upcoming major collaborative opportunities requiring significant advance planning. Our staff is on-call, when needed, to provide our best advice and resource materials, including sample proposals and funding databases. We provide agency- and foundation- specific information that can greatly simplify matching faculty research goals to the most receptive funding source, as well as helping formulate a proposal that speaks to that particular review process.

Find Funding

Looking for opportunities to fund your research? The Research Development team can help. Please click the link below to review the funding information.




A monthly compilation of funding opportunities from state, federal, and private funding agencies. May 2014 Newsletter

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The Office of Research subscribes to a Grant Writing Newsletter from Academic Research Funding Strategies. This monthly newsletter contains articles relevant to faculty and campus researchers on grant writing, funding agencies, etc. Sign up for the distribution listserv to receive the newsletter by e-mail.


Limited Submission programs restrict the number of applications, nominations, or proposals that an institution is eligible to submit to an agency. These programs require that campuses screen preproposals or nominations to determine which will go forward to the sponsor. See listing of current campus limited submission competitions


In addition to free online resources, CAU subscribes to two searchable funding opportunity databases to help you find support for your research. For assistance, contact Joseph McLeod or (404) 880-6985. (These will be links) › Proposal Development Resources › Special NSF/NIH Proposal Requirements › Limited Submissions Programs › Multidisciplinary Partnering › Faculty Consultations › Workshops and Events