Enrollment Verification


 We are a member of the National Student Clearinghouse.  Currently enrolled students must do a Self-Service Bannerweb Enrollment Verification. 

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Bannerweb
  2. Click on Enter Secure Area, then enter your user ID (900#) and six digit Permanent PIN.
  3. Click on Student Services & Financial Aid
  4. Click on Registration
  5. Click on Link to On-Line Enrollment Verification you will then see National Student Clearinghouse page. Click on either the Current enrollment or All enrollment
  6. Select Obtain an Enrollment Certificate print and mail.

The company that is verifying your enrollment can contact the National Student Clearinghouse at 703-742-4200 or go to www.studentclearinghouse.org

If you would like to receive a letter from the Office of the University Registrar please complete the Counter Request Form and bring it to 102 Trevor Arnett Hall, fax it to 404-880-6083 or email it to registrar@cau.edu.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the University Registrar 404-880-8938 Verification/Certification or registrar@cau.edu.