CAU Benchmark Institutions

CAU uses strategic benchmarking practices for identifying key metrics and leading indicators for the industry by identifying competitive and aspirant peer groups.

CAU peer groups were identified by using the University characteristics of the following: 

    •   Carnegie Classification - Basis Classification
    •   Carnegie Classification - Enrollment Profile
    •   Carnegie Classification - Size & Setting 
    •   Percentage (%) Minorities
    •   First-time, First-year Freshman Enrollment Applications (total)
    •   First-time, First-year Freshman Enrollment Admissions (total)
    •   First-time, First-year Freshman Enrollment (total)
    •   Academic Profile (SAT, ACT Scores)
    •   Graduate Enrollment 
    •   Undergraduate Enrollment
    •   First-time, First-year Freshman Student awarded any Financial Aid
    •   First-time, First-year Freshman Retention Rate
    •   6-Yr Graduation Rate
    •   Number of Degrees Conferred (BACH, MAST, DOC)
    •   Annual Expenses
    •   Research Expenditures

 Competitive Peers
  1.     Morgan State University (Baltimore, MD)
  2.     Hampton University (Hampton, VA)
  3.     University of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK)
  4.     Barry University (Miami, FL)  
Aspiration Peers  
  1.     Catholic University of America (Washington, DC)
  2.     Howard University (Washington, DC)
  3.     Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)
  4.     North Carolina A & T University (Greensboro, NC)
  5.     University of California - Merced (Merced, CA)