Thank You




Clark Atlanta University alumni, family, and friends, thank you for your sincere concern and support for our students. Our Clark Atlanta University supporters are simply the best! 

Due to your overwhelming donations and contributions, CAU received over $30,000 via the Student Emergency Fund, gift cards, and personal items to assist the students impacted by the storm that swept through parts of metro Atlanta on September 14. 

Because of your kindness, the needs of our students have been amply supplied. Correspondingly, we are discontinuing the need for tangible contributions related to the flood. However, you can still support our students by visiting the homepage of our website and selecting the CAU Student Emergency Fund link. At the designation column, select the drop down arrow and choose Student Emergency Fund – Flood. 

Thank you again for championing our students with your donations, love, and support. We appreciate you! 

Clark Atlanta University Student Emergency Fund Committee