Message from Dr. French


Clark Atlanta University

Times like these require leadership, justice, peace, and togetherness. As an historically black university and those of African ancestry, our very existence, experiences, culture, struggles, and triumphs in this country connect and join us together in commonality.

I, as a leader in the HBCU community and President of Clark Atlanta University; CAU Chief of Police, Debra Williams; our Student Government President Ki’Andre Thomas ‘23; and our Graduate Student Government President Destinee Wells ‘23 praise the swift beginning of justice for brother Tyre Nichols of Memphis, Tennessee, who lost his life due to a senseless act of violence caused by those who wore the badge and took the oath to protect and serve the very same families and communities in which they belong.

As leaders of Clark Atlanta University and its rich social justice history and student advocacy, we understand and remain at the forefront of taking a stand for what is right and just.

To our students, we understand your frustration and yes, unfortunately we have been here before; however, we encourage you and the entire Clark Atlanta University community to handle the situation in the same spirit as our very own W.E.B. Dubois. Dr. Dubois engaged in pioneering advocacy and the ability to strategize and change the conditions and issues within the black community intentionally.

We support our students in exercising their first amendment rights and plead with you to do so as not to jeopardize your safety nor the safety of others. We ask students to govern themselves accordingly by adhering to the laws of our state and the ordinances of the City of Atlanta.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has issued a State of Emergency and has called in the National Guard to give assistance where needed. In collaboration with the City of Atlanta Chief of Police and our very own Police Chief Debra Williams, and other law enforcement leaders within the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Atlanta Area have come together to help ensure the safety of all our citizens and communities.

Wecontinueandwillalwaystakeastandforjustice. Remainpeaceful,safe,vigilant,andcommittedtothecauses of injustice with righteous indignation.

President George T. French, Jr., Ph.D. Clark Atlanta University

Chief Debra Williams
Chief of Police and AVP of Public Safety

Ki’Andre Thomas
Student Government Association President

Destinee Wells
Graduate Student
Government Association President

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Formed in 1988 by the consolidation of Atlanta University, 1865, and Clark College, 1869