George T. French, Jr., Ph.D., President, Clark Atlanta University Statement regarding the passing of actor Chadwick Boseman


The craftsmanship of Chadwick Boseman was a gift to the world. He lived his life with intentionality and purpose. He fully embodied the characters whom he portrayed and told their stories with depth. We are thankful to him for allowing the likes of Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall to live through him for the telling of their stories. Furthermore, our CAU Panthers are beyond measure with gratitude to him for his portrayal of King T’Challa of Wakanda, Black Panther.

As an HBCU alumnus, he represented HBCUs well. Generations yet unborn will forever applaud his work. We are thankful that he illuminated our affection for the continent of Africa; and thankful that he displayed the splendor of black culture and black excellence for the world to see.


George T. French, Jr.,Ph.D.
Clark Atlanta University