A message from SGA President



March 24, 2020

To the Students of Clark Atlanta University,

As of now, we are all aware of the pandemic in which we are currently facing as university and as a global community. For the first time in our lifetime, we have to face a threat that we do not know what the outcome will be, as it is spreading across the world at a rate we as a global community are trying to slow down. COVID-19, has caused global, national, federal, state, and local leaders to raise awareness for self-quarantine that will allow for this virus to run its course and not affect as many people. Unfortunately, due to this virus the university had to close all in class sessions, moving to a remote learning system, where all residents residing on campus had to relocate. We recognize that this was not an easy decision that was made by the University, and that many students were placed to make quick decisions in a difficult time. Our administration has been working non-stop with President French, Provost Bowles, the Office of Student Services and Campus Life, the CAU National Alumni Association, and the University’s Coronavirus Task Force, to ensure the student voices are heard during these difficult times. I truly appreciate their openness in hearing from us!

Many students have raised concerns around the shift to a remote learning system and how these new changes are affecting their learning and engagement, including but not limited to: 1) students living in different time zones, 2) technology challenges, 3) grades, 4) financial refunds, and 5) graduation. Students with any technology challenges (i.e. – hardware/software access, Canvas or ZOOM support, etc.) are strongly encouraged to contact remotelearning@cau.edu so the University can troubleshoot your needs accordingly. If you have concerns or complaints regarding faculty engagement (or lack thereof) in your course(s), we would encourage you to follow the University’s online complaint process: https://www.cau.edu/Online-Learning-and-Continuing-Education/Online-Complaint-Form.html. In addition, the University is working to determine how students will receive credits/refunds as it relates to all room, board, and fees. You are encouraged to visit the University’s Financial Matters FAQs’ for guidance on when students’ accounts will be reviewed, and if eligible, when students would receive a credit/refund.

We understand that many students taking online/remote courses will be placed in a difficult situation, for we are away from the physical campus and resources that are normally provided by the University will be downsized. Over the past week, our administration has been engaged in dialogue with the University’s Board of Trustees, President French, Provost Bowles, and the leadership of the Faculty Assembly regarding the Spring 2020 grading process. The University will make an announcement regarding this process in the near future, and I encourage each of you to adapt to the situation that we are all in. And finally, as President French noted in his video to the campus community and once this pandemic has died down, we will work with the Class of 2020 President, Hannah Allen, and Miss and Mister Senior, Alia Gillespie and Joshua Simpson, to see how we can best accommodate our Class of 2020 graduates and give them the commencement celebration they have worked so hard for.

Let us take time to truly uplift one another as we embark on this new journey as a panther community. No student will be left behind and we all will work together to ensure our voices and concerns are met. Let us do everything we can as a student body to uplift our institution and peers and prepare for the greatest comeback our University will ever know! Although we are near each other physically, we are living in a more advanced technological society and the Panther spirit and pride WILL NOT BE LEFT OUT! Take this time to enjoy your family, get your mind right for a prosperous closing to the 2019-2020 school year, and never forget that you are not alone in this process. Your Student Government Association is here to work with all students and to be the fighting voice for our student body. Please be on the lookout and support your fellow Panthers, as this upcoming week will include SGA Campaign Week that is going completely online. Voting will take place between April 1st-3rd through our CAU student email accounts. Until we meet again, we wish you all the best in your endeavors and we pray you all stay safe as this pandemic runs its course.

With Panther Pride,

Levon Campbell, Jr.
Student Government Association Undergraduate President
The People’s Administration 2019-2020