Just Come Home!

The rallying call of three unique ways to celebrate class reunions. 

 TRADITONALIST reunions stem from the parent institutions of Atlanta University, Clark University and Clark College. Alumni have returned to campus over the years to walk the hallowed halls during their milestone years and present financial gifts to their dear ole alma mater.  80th, 75th, 70th, 65th, 60th, 55th are the esteemed  Legacy Alumni. The 50th Class reunion participants are known as the Golden Sons and Daughters. To complete the group are members attending their 45th, 40th, 35th and 30th.

The first TRANSITIONAL reunion class was most appropriately  presented earlier this year! The Class of 1992 was the first graduating class of Clark Atlanta University. Going forward, each 25th Class Reunion known as the Silver Anniversary Class will be presented during Founders Day.

Homecoming is a cherished moment at CAU. Over the years, “unofficial” class reunions have occurred via social media, e-mails, text messaging and phone calls proclaiming that I will meet you on the yard!  Having the forethought of meeting our consistency where they are, the TECHIES will celebrate their 20th, 15th, 10th, 5th and 1st  class reunion.

Three times of year to celebrate! Three times of year to embrace traditions! Three designated times of giving!

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