During Open Enrollment you are able to:

  • Change plans
  • Enroll in benefits
  • Cancel benefits
  • Add or remove dependents to your benefits
  • Eligible dependents are your legal spouse and dependent child(ren)
  • Any changes that you make during Open Enrollment will go into effect on January 1, 2021

Mid-year benefits changes outside of your annual Open Enrollment period, you may be eligible to make certain benefits changes during the middle of the year. Here are  examples of when you might be able to make mid-year changes:

  • Marriage or Divorce
  • Birth, Death, or Adoption
  • Change in Eligibility Status

What you need to know

  • Open Enrollment Time line - October 19, 2020 to November 20, 2020
  • We will become fully insured through Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) for medical, dental, vision and pharmacy. 
  • No change to premiums or plan options
  • Our ancillary life insurance and disability insurance will now be provided by The Standard (rather than Lincoln Financial)
  • If you do not wish to make any changes to your medical, dental, vision, pharmacy and life insurance coverages, you do not have to submit an enrollment form.  
  • If you wish to participate in Flexible Spending for the upcoming benefit year, you must complete the annual request form (our new provider is Medcom).