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Service and Leadership Requirements

Service and Leadership Requirements

Community service and civic engagement are important aspects of the Isabella T. Jenkins Honors Program experience. Students are expected to engage in activities throughout their time at Clark Atlanta University that building individual and/or collective leadership capacity and provide service to the program, institution, and community.  

A minimum of 20 hours of service and one leadership experience are required each semester of students in the honors program. Opportunities are regularly advertised and announced through campus communication channels. Often, students in the program are requested to serve as event volunteers, ushers, and participants. Additionally, students are requested to serve as tutors, mentors, Ambassadors, and Representatives of the program and University. 

These projects can be in the form of tutoring, reading to preschool or elementary school children, working in a homeless shelter, assisting the Red Cross, mentoring, or any other activity that provides service to those less fortunate. Honors program members are expected to attend cultural events—both on and off-campus. The events should be culturally up-lifting and enriching for the mind and spirit of the attendees. All honors program students are expected to attend meetings, debates and receptions sponsored by or supported by the honors program.


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