Mission, Vision and Purpose

Mission Statement

The mission of the Isabella T. Jenkins Honors Program is to provide learning opportunities to a community of high achieving undergraduate students through experiences both in an out of the classroom. 

Vision Statement

The Isabella T. Jenkins Honors Program is to be a learning center for exceptionally talented, creative, and academically committed students. The program strives to globalize intellectual horizons, promote interdisciplinary learning and creativity, and support idea development, independent thinking, research, and moral actions.  


The Isabella T. Jenkins Honors Program promotes academic excellence through challenging coursework, while fostering integrity and self-respect among members and providing students with learning experiences that do the following:

  • Nurture and foster intellectual independence
  • Awaken and intensify the learning experience
  • Encourage institutional commitment and leadership development
  • Provide a challenging academic curriculum throughout all levels
  • Provide experiences that will promote lifelong learning. 

Honors students’ growth and development is monitored throughout their time in the program. The monitoring and mentoring process includes the following:

  • Assisting with the development of a personal action plan
  • Providing academic guidance and support for career development
  • Directing students, when appropriate, to resources such as tutoring, counseling, health center, etc.
  • Engaging in individual conferences to determine student needs
  • Providing guidance for transition from high school to college
Main Level
Trevor Arnett Hall
223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 3014
Phone:   (404)-880-6101
Email:  awarren@cau.edu